iSwim Off-Season Swim Team

Equipment Needed for Swimmers:

Each swimmer needs to have their own equipment for EVERY practice.  The equipment required is:  a fitted pair of googles, swim cap (even boys, it helps prevent heat loss in the winter!), and swim FINS.  Fins should have a full boot, not just a back strap (like scuba fins), and should fit the child snuggly.  Please clearly marked all equipment in permanent ink with the child's name.  These items can be purchased at the Lane 4 Swim Shop (183 & Burnet), or 1379 Kid's Shop (Exposition, south of 35th),  and should be brought to EVERY practice.  Tell Lane 4 Swim Shop that you are with the iSwim Swim Team to receive a 10% discount.  For more descriptions and information on these items, see the parent information form (link above). 

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