New Parents: Read the "Getting Started" letter before your child's first practice. (Click here to read)

Registrations for Spring 2013 now open!

ALL NEW swimmers to the iSwim AGE 10 AND UNDER who have never swam with either Coach Lori or Coach Lisa must be cleared by a coach for registration approval. This is a fitness swimming group that requires good competency in at least 2 strokes and the ability to complete a minimum of 50 meters without assistance. If new, please do not register until you have arranged for a 10 minute skill demonstration with either Coach Lisa or Coach Lori. Contact either coach in August for demonstration at the JCC or Steiner Ranch prior to the team starting. The minimum age is 7 (as of the first of each month) - NO EXCEPTIONS. Sept and Oct will fill up FAST, so don't wait. There are NO EXCEPTIONS made and NO REFUNDS given once registered.



    Registrations for the iSwim Swim Team can ONLY be done online at www.coachlisa.org  in advance of attending your first practice.  Unregistered swimmers will not be allowed in the pool due to liability reasons.  This group is a separate entity from the summer league Piranhas team and operated by TriHouse Training, LLC.  It is not operated by the JCC or their summer league Piranhas team.  No manual registrations will be accepted by coaches or at the front desk of the JCC – all registrations must be done online at www.coachlisa.org.  All payments must be made with credit card online – personal checks and cash are not accepted. 

  •  NEW vs. RENEWAL REGISTRATIONS:  All registrations for the month of September are considered new registrations.  Even past Off-Season swimmers need to be fully registered as new swimmers the first month they swim in the 2012-13 Season, to include all required information (i.e., current contact information of 2 parents, acceptance of liability waiver, medical information, and emergency contact information).  After the first month swam THIS SEASON (2012-13), you may utilize our "RENEWAL" option when registering to save time (no extra questions are asked since we have already captured this information in our database).


ALL NEW SWIMMERS must complete a demonstration with a coach before registering for group placement.
Bronze group: minimum age of 7, can complete 2 lengths of the pool unassisted in freestyle and backstroke, minimum 1 summer league season completed, needs development of other strokes .  This group will spend large amounts of time on skill work with drills. 3 practices offered per week, 45 minutes each.

Silver group:  proficient in at least 3 strokes, minimum 2 summer league seasons completed, time records made available to coaches, practice time split between skill work and endurance sets.  4 practices offered per week, 1 hour each.

Gold group:  perfectly legal and proficient at all 4 strokes, minimum 4 summer league seasons completed, time standards met (see list), practice time spent on occasional skill reminders but mainly endurance, speed intervals,  and yardage.  4 practices offered per week, 1 hour each. 

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